So many of us want to share our words with the world, but we’d never dare call ourselves a writer.

What do I say to this?

You're a Writer, Start Writing!

Being a writer really comes down to one thing, claiming it!

If you want to share your thoughts in written form, consider this a sign. It's time you stop thinking about it, and start doing it!

Today, I’m giving you permission to start calling yourself a writer. But in order for you to really claim this title, you’ve gotta start putting in the work. Thought without action will leave you stuck.

Join me as I walk you through how you can get unstuck and finally start writing - or if you’ve taken a break for a while, start up again.

This mini-course is the kickstart you need to get going.

By the end you will have...

  • Set your writing intentions

  • Carved out time to write

  • Identified exactly how and where you’ll write

  • Set macro and micro writing goals

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